A Bit of Background on Dylan Hintz

I started acting in elementary school playing the Castle Guard in Jack and the Beanstalk for a first-grade event. This was also my first stunt, as Jack played a magic harp, my character passed out, and I fell directly to the floor. After that, I did some theater in high school and college, and eventually was cast as Governor Snively at Six Flags America for their “A Pirate’s Tale” stunt show in 2009. Since then I did a few dozen short films, internet videos and True Crime TV shows in Maryland, and eventually got some stunt acting roles on a couple of network TV shows like “GOTHAM”, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and “Outsiders”.

My first martial arts was Okinawan Karate when I was 7 years old. Unfortunately, I wasn’t disciplined enough for karate, so the teacher told my parents that I could no longer attend! It wasn’t until I was 16 or 17 that I started doing very traditional kung fu and tai chi with a teacher in Maryland, and my life was changed forever. After kung fu, I went into Keysi Fighting Method, Ninjutsu, and Kenpo Karate all at the same time. That scrambled my brain, but also prepared me for Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts such as Kali, which I would begin taking in 2014 at Maryland Jeet Kune Do Academy. From there things evolved, and I would find my biggest passion in my martial arts career: Savate Boxe Francaise.

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Other than that I build communities. In DC I started the DC Stunt Coalition to help aspiring stunt performers get their feet wet and provide local productions with reliable amateur performers. After moving to NYC I began to train actors in martial arts and fight choreography under my brand SAGA Action Arts. We started a live video show during the 2020 lockdowns, which allowed me to connect with people all over the world and promote our “Fight to Inspire” message. In 2022, I officially launched ACTION HERO ACADEMY with a business partner in NYC, and we’ve been teaching classes three times a week ever since.

I am also a filmmaker and media producer, fight choreographer, small-project stunt coordinator, and Corrective Exercise Specialist and Mobility Coach for anyone who is looking to improve their strength and movement skills. I have a passion for mental health, and my greatest hope is to inspire anyone and everyone I can to live a more fulfilling and exciting life.

Let’s Get Into the Interview

What did you aspire to be as a child?

As a child I had no idea what I was aspiring to be! Like any kid, I went through a gamut of many different ideas. I think my overall dream was to entertain and inspire. I was always playing super heroes in the back yard with the local kids, and we would put on Live Shows for our parents and neighbors. I knew eventually I wanted to make movies. I definitely wanted to entertain people and tell inspiring stories. My mom had me watch a lot of action movies with her when I was a kid, so I think at the end of the day I wanted to live in a world with heroes.

What adversity did you face in your path to pursuing your dreams?

I had a really great and privileged childhood – Up until my parents got divorced and life got rocky. I was very emotionally reactive as a child, so I got bullied a lot and didn’t get along well with other kids. This lead to many disciplinary issues through the public school system, which evolved into further mental health issues that I would carry through high school, college, and even into later adulthood. It was rare for me to find a long-term mentor and I never had a single talent to stay focused on, so my life was a constant “search” for what I could contribute, and a constant struggle to see how or if I could become useful.

How has your current career changed your life?

Essentially – While I could blame a lot of outside factors, the only thing ever holding me back was me. But that was also why I chose the career path I chose – It inspired me to grow! Choosing stunts and being a freelance videographer out of college turned me into an entrepreneur and community builder. That came with many challenges, and I had to learn a lot of lessons the hard way. My career granted me so many opportunities – to travel, to train, and it gave me a TON of money. I’d even meet some of my biggest heroes. Every step of the way, I’d pay that money and good will forward to build those communities up, and help others pursue their dreams as well. A major benefit of my career is that it has afforded my training brands such as DC Stunt Coalition, SAGA Action Arts and Action Hero Academy with professional legitimacy. . Plus – I got to impress my mom with stories of the film industry and all the amazing people I met and have gotten to work for.

What inspires you the most?

I am always inspired when I see a story of someone who has the desire to grow and improve. I live to see others break past their barriers. Most importantly, to see the joy people get out of things they work for, and conquer their own struggles and surpass the challenges that have been put in front of them. If I can help anyone achieve their dreams or live a more fulfilling life, I feel I’ve done my job.

If you could go back in time to any time period, which one would you choose and why?

If I could go back in time to any time period it’d probably be the U.S. frontier time of the 1800s. I was really into cowboys and westerns for a while. It’d be nice to see what the world was like when we were on the brink of the technological revolutions, but still had wide open spaces and a need to learn to live off the land.

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