How is AI Affecting the Cover Art Space? An Interview with Artist Etheric Tales

Thank you for joining us today! As an author, I’ve seen a lot evolve in the cover art arena. Please tell us how you got into cover art?

We wanted to contribute to the magical world of art. We knew we could make an impact, so why not?

What about art lights you up?

The creativity! The process. Seeing mere concepts be brought to life.

What inspires you?

Life inspires us. It is an inspiring journey, and when we see flecks of magic in it like art, we feel like we truly belong. 

What challenges have you had to overcome on your artistic journey?

Too many to count. Let’s just say that two years ago, I had no idea this industry existed—neither did anyone around me. You can imagine the chaos that unfolded when I submerged myself in it fully. The challenges still keep coming, but we’re hanging on. We’ll survive. We always do.

What is your biggest goal and how are you taking steps to achieve it?

The goal is to leave an unforgettable mark on the world. Or at least in the lives of a handful of people. Providing better opportunities for struggling individuals, spreading love and art. Hearing “you gave me the ability to give my family a better life” can be life changing for you. It made me realise I could make a difference for at least some people, and we’re still working on helping more.

How do you think AI is impacting the art world?

Currently, we’re perplexed by the whole situation. We know art (of all digital forms) theft is rampant and that copyrights are up in the air at the moment, so we’re trying to avoid it for now at all costs. We also know that AI is here to stay. The damage is here to stay, whether it’s on a large scale or small. It’s also been beneficial to some people in some ways—enabled many people who badly needed enabling. We’re just waiting to see where the dust settles before we decide what we think of it fully and what we ought to do about it.

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