Supporting the Second Act with Dennise Kowalczyk

Supporting the Second Act with Dennise Kowalczyk

“I am wanting to build a community of support for 2nd Act women through my Adventure Broad brand by helping them build big lives one small adventure at a time.” 

What about acting appeals to you the most? 

I love the collaborative nature of the projects and it is a craft that I know nothing about, so learning how to do it is a fun challenge. I also love to watch the director work on bringing her vision to life when the project is completed.  So many moving pieces to do that.  I am in awe.

How has acting transformed your life?

It has added a whole mess of joy because I keep meeting the most amazing humans.  When I show up on set, inevitably either I know someone or someone knows the same person I do. I have enjoyed the best adventures driving to location and not knowing truly what to expect.  Always a pleasant surprise!

How do you impact or support your community? 

Volunteering has been a big part of my life for the past 30 years. It is a fantastic way to give back and make friends.  When I moved to Rhode Island, one of the first things I did was start volunteering at the local theatre and pursued other opportunities as I spent more and more time living here.  I just love it. 

What are you most passionate about? 

This is a big question.  I love teaching and convening.  I was recently reminded of my childhood dream to become a teacher.  College was not presented as an option to me when I was younger but I have tried to include some element of teaching in all my professional efforts. I also love bringing people together so they can make new friends and pursue little adventures in the process. That is why I created Dames Who Do RI when I first arrived in Rhode Island.  As I met other women in my new hometown who wanted to check out places to eat or go hiking, I invited them along on my adventures. 

What is your next major goal and what steps are you taking to reach it?

I am wanting to build a community of support for 2nd Act women through my Adventure Broad brand by helping them build big lives one small adventure at a time.  I am also hoping to become a brand ambassador for the state of Rhode Island (LOL).  Well, I love showing off all the things we have to offer and I do so on my Instagram account.  I also travel the world and like to share those experiences through my blog.  What can I say, maybe I am one of those over-sharers but I am okay with that. 

Dennise M. Kowalczyk moved to New England, sight unseen, in 2018 from Portland, Oregon. She LOVES her new home in Rhode Island. She is the mother of Lila who is a young adult embarking on her life as a college student in Scotland. Dennise has enjoyed a varied career, ranging from nonprofit work to community radio management to now owning her own business – CTD Creative Consulting – where she provides online marketing support to women business owners who seek to grow their business by building meaningful connections in the digital space.  She is a digital content creator, once serving as the host of Artclectic New England – a show she created and produced in 2018/2019 featuring local arts and culture organizations and thought leaders. She is currently the host and producer of BroadBand the Podcast – a show featuring the wisdom and inspiration of women entrepreneurs. Dennise is the founder of Amplification Allies, an intentional peer-to-peer marketing group for women business owners. She also hosts the Amp Allies Book Club that features discussion about various business development books with other women business owners. She loves living a big life one small adventure at a time and shares her stories on Instagram and as a lifestyle blogger called The Adventure Broad. She also hosts a women’s social group called Dames Who Do RI that hikes, dines, and attends other fun events in the community. She has discovered a passion for performing and stepped into the world of acting where you can spot her in the ballroom scene of the final episode of Season One of The Gilded Age. As a fan of storytelling and motivational chutzpah, she is a big fan of inspiring others to connect with each other and pursue their best lives.

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