On Pushing Boundaries and Challenging Societal Norms with Author K. Webster

On Pushing Boundaries and Challenging Societal Norms with Author K. Webster



What lights you up about writing?

Writing is fun. Creating new worlds, new characters, and new situations is a form of entertainment to myself as much as it is to others. When I write, it’s a physical creation of my imagination that’s so incredibly active. I enjoy seeing thoughts and ideas form into something tangible that I can hold, smell, and gaze lovingly at. Writing, to me, is an extension of reading that allows me to step out of the spectator role and become a designer or rule maker. It’s just fun. 

What challenges have you experienced as an author?

Some of my biggest challenges have been navigating the attention. While I enjoy the praise when someone reads a book of mine they loved, I find it more difficult to deal with when they don’t, or worse yet, if they don’t like me in general. I’m a natural people pleaser, so this aspect puts me at unease a lot. It’s already a gutsy thing to put your book out there that you’ve labored over, but then you have to deal with the fact people may not like it. Worse yet, they may hate it and want to tell you that to your face. And, despite this being a very nerve-wracking facet of being an author, I also must be a bit of a masochist because I keep writing books that push boundaries and challenge societal norms. Because of this, it brings me attention, most of it good or even great, but there’s still those out there who think I’m the devil for writing such things. Being an author is not for the weak, that’s for sure! 

How do you cope with the many demands of being an author and other areas of your life?

The demands of being an author have somewhat shaped my identity, or better yet, taken over my identity. It wasn’t this past year that I came to terms with the fact I was letting my author career take over my life. I was K Webster 24/7 and I was Kristi less and less. While I love my author career and am very proud of my accomplishments, I wanted more than that. I still want to be mom, wife, friend, sister. So, to help cope with that, I have been doing things that aren’t book related like baking. I also get frequent massages to pamper myself a bit. Most importantly, I’m stepping away from the computer and connecting with people again. Going to lunch with a friend or driving along a beautiful road with great scenery does wonders to energize me. Creating boundaries in my work life has been key and I’m really seeing the benefits for my overall happiness. 

Who is your greatest supporter?

My biggest supporter is probably my sister, Holly. Not only does she work full time for me as an assistant and manager to my online store, but she works to unload the heavier, more difficult aspects of my author business so I can focus on the creative parts. She’s quick to jump in and help my readers with stuff, prods at me to do things I don’t necessarily want to do but need to do, and never fails to let me know how proud she is. Honestly, a huge part of my success is owed to her. Without her to lean on and rely on, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish all that I want to. Like I always say, “Everyone needs a Holly in their lives…just not MY Holly.” She’s my bestie, little sister, and always wins employee of the month. 

What outside of writing calls to you or inspires you?

Outside of writing, I feel called to mentorship and helping others on a business/personal level. Not just “How To” do something, but much more than that. I like helping others look inward to find their strengths and how to build upon them. I’ve never really been able to fully home in on this and take it to the level I want to, but it’s there inside me, always glowing. It’s incredibly inspiring to talk to other women, learn about what they enjoy and are good at, and give them the support and encouragement they need so they can reach their higher selves. I’m always reading personal journey books in an effort to improve my own self. By learning all these tidbits along the way that help me, I feel motivated to share that knowledge with others.

What advice would you give to your childhood self?

If I could speak to my childhood self, I’d tell her to keep reading because one day that obsession with books would turn into a viable career that she will enjoy thoroughly. I’d also encourage her to focus less on what she thinks everyone else thinks she should be doing with her life and take the time to uncover what she wants. I would tell her to skip college, take some creative writing courses, and essentially start writing way before she’s ready.

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About K. Webster

K Webster is a USA Today Bestselling author. Her titles have claimed many bestseller tags in numerous categories, are translated in multiple languages, and have been adapted into audiobooks. She lives in “Tornado Alley” with her husband, two children, and her baby dog named Blue. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and researching aliens.

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