On the Call of the Characters: An Author’s Perspective

On the Call of the Characters: An Author’s Perspective

The story of Of Magic has been seven years in the making. One day, I decided to try a new kind of story, and these characters just found their way into my head, telling me tales of misfortune, growth, and overcoming your weaknesses. In ways, the story has changed a lot since the beginning, but at its core, it’s always been about finding your own place in life and making your own family. 

Arion had a rough life from day one, and desperately sought after love, a struggle I think we all can relate to to some degree. He loses his way along this path, but finds himself, and so much more, in doing so.

I have to admit to taking inspiration from a lot of different places. There were so many stories from different media that were influential in my life when I first began this story, but it quickly evolved and developed into something bigger than I had ever imagined. I put a lot of myself into this story, as well as a lot of the characters that truly make this story what it is now. It’s not my story to tell, I was just the one lucky enough to get to note it all down and relive it with these characters.

Through the years, I’ve had a few ups and downs as I navigate my own life and the changes within it. But during it all, I had my story to come back to. After a few years, I had an epiphany: they missed me. My characters missed me, and they desperately wanted their story to be finished. That realization really helped snap me back into the reality I wanted to be in, and I pushed myself to move toward the goal I’ve had since high school, to be an author. I had let myself get lost in books during my hardest times, and I wanted to provide a similar experience for future generations, as well as give them struggling characters to relate to. It’s not a bad story, just a bad chapter, and if you can find the strength to move forward, you’ll see just how great things can become. 

This series has really meant so much to me, both in being my first published series, and for being the one that has helped me through some dark times. I’m so glad I can share this story with everyone, and can’t wait to bring you something fresh and new soon.

T. Ariyanna is a newcomer to publishing, but a veteran at storycrafting. After being enchanted by the worlds within books during middle school, she spent her highschool years creating her first novel-length story. A few years later she hit the scene with a magical debut, The Mage’s Son.

Ariyanna’s specializations run from realistic fantasy to dystopian steampunk. She juggles writing with being a stay at home mother to a daughter just as adventurous as any heroine. Her hobbies include reading, crafting, and playing video games.

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